Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of November, 2017

Month of Scorpio

Scorpios are truly the contradicting sign. They can be the best and worst of both worlds – independent and clingy, loving and cold, authoritative and weak. Above all else, they are intense about almost everything. Scorpios are often mysterious people because their true feelings run so deep and they keep their emotions hidden.

Combined with a determination and loyalty, Scorpios often make great spiritual leaders, scientists, and doctors.

They can be strong willed and determined, almost to the point of being stubborn. This makes them great competitors, even if they are able to hide this desire to win from you. When they do not have a positive outlet for self-expression, they often turn inwards and become destructive.


November 21-April 19
What do you like even better than setting goals? Why, achieving them, of course! And achieve them you will. Yep, it’s a pretty go-get-em (one could even say, visionary) month for you. Once you’ve got all those old goals accomplished, you’ll be able to move right ahead into imagining what new terrain you’d next like to conquer.


April 20-May 20
Before you go engaging in that great big ugly power struggle, give yourself the opportunity to get a little distance and start to consider, carefully, whether or not it’s really at all worth to get involved. In the end, you’ll be glad you thought it out instead of jumping straight into the fray. Resist your more material urges.


May 21-June 20
You’re going to be called on to be at your super-intellectual best. You’re a brainpower powerhouse, and you’re in demand. Your friends aren’t too shabby in the brains and commonsense department, either, so why not ask them for advice? A partner has a really great idea – be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them.


June 21-July 22
Review all the things you do to stay happy and healthy. Do you floss? Do you love your workout routine? Are you usually in good spirits? Do you know that a healthy social life is important to your overall well-being, too? If you answer ‘no’ to these questions, you’ve got your work cut out for you this month.


July 23-Aug 22
Do your absolute best to stay sweet in the face of adversity or annoyance. You’ll catch more flies with honey, after all, than you will with vinegar. There’s just no need to antagonize the very folks who might one day really be able to lend you a helping hand. You might be tempted to overindulge. Don’t give in!


Aug 23-Sept 22
You might need to find a new way of organizing something in your life. Whether you’re in need of a change to your work schedule, your work/life balance, your workout routine or it’s just your doily collection that’s gone to heck in a hand basket, something’s got to give, and you’re the only one who can fix it.


Sept 23-Oct 22
Fun and romance go hand in hand, and you are pretty much interlacing fingers anyway you look at it. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach, a special glimmer in your eye and a nice warm palm resting in your palm. That is not only romantic, it’s fun, too! Skip a little and hum a tune under your breath.


Oct 23-Nov 21
It can sure be helpful to have a whole lot of harmony if you really want to get a lot done. If you find that you’re facing a harmony deficit, you should really stop and listen. What’s causing this discontent? If you can fix it, do, but if there’s nothing to be done, best to lay low until it blows over.


Nov 22-Dec 21
If you suddenly have the urge to sidle up to the stranger at the bus stop and ask them what they make of this crazy thing called ‘life,’ why not? Ditto if you want to strike up a chat with your local barista. What law of the universe says you have to know someone before you talk to them?


Dec 22-Jan 19
It might well be high time to take a nice long look at your financial plans and your future plans in general. Brew a nice big pot of chamomile tea to help you relax, and start digging into all those papers and receipts and records and credit card bills. Next, chart out where you go from here.


Jan 20-Feb 18
You should get ready for a whole lot of super fantastic this month. You are betting everything on the winning number and are looking too good to be true. You’re smarter than a whip and cuter than a button. What a way to kick off a month! Put in the elbow grease required to make a big discovery.


Feb 19-November 20
You start the month off with the strong desire to help people in your vicinity, doing what you can to make life easier for them. Thanks to your strong intuitions, you have a pretty good sense of what they need to get them through whatever it is they’re going through. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself too.