From table decoration to bridal bouquets, flowers are one of the most glorious additions to a wedding, bringing a pop of color and enticing scents. So, which blooms will the most stylish brides be adorning themselves with this season?

Deep Purple

The Pantone Color of the Year always provides a major hit of inspiration to wedding florists. Last year’s shade, Greenery, meant on-trend nuptials were awash with natural verdant foliage. For 2018, the color of choice is Ultra Violet, so you can expect to see plenty of purple blooms across bouquets, centerpieces and church décor. There are so many gorgeous examples to pick from within this palette – think lavender, hydrangeas, clematis and orchids, or even off-beat options like thistles and succulents.

Wedding Wreaths

They’re not just for Christmas, you know. Wreaths are becoming a popular alternative decoration for weddings at any time of year, and are cropping up not just on the doors to the venue but also as aisle markers, arbors, hanging light fixtures at the reception or even carried by the bride. Also known as ‘floral hoops,’ these pretty adornments are ideal for brides seeking a bohemian alternative to the usual bouquets.


Step aside rose gold, there’s a new metallic hue taking Instagram and Pinterest by storm. Bronze accents added to wedding flowers bring warmth and a luxurious feel. Consider binding your bouquet with copper twine or ribbon, or asking your florist to spray the petals with copper glitter or paint for a shimmery vintage look. Floral table decorations can be displayed in hammered copper vases. This shade also really pops when teamed with crisp whites.


One of the biggest trends for brides this year will be carrying flowers of just one color. It could be a sea of pale blues or a pop of hot pink, but whatever your solo palette of choice the key is to combine blooms of contrasting shapes, textures and sizes. For example, a sunny yellow-hued bouquet could include delicate sprays of anemones and honeysuckle with exuberant golden peonies and marigolds, intricate orchids and miniature daffodils.

Taped Flowers

Seen one too many living walls last wedding season? For a quirky and minimal alternative that celebrates the beauty of each individual bloom, a wall of taped flowers may be the perfect solution. It strikes us as a more considered and contemporary approach, while still offering a gorgeous natural backdrop to your ceremony or reception. Palm leaves also work in place of colored flowers, should you fancy highlighting the tropical setting of a Cayman wedding.

Floral Jewelry

Flower crowns have been the bridal headwear of choice in the past couple of years, but now the trend is evolving. Fashion-forward brides are swapping traditional pearl and diamond jewelry in favor of fresh blooms entwined around their wrists and necks. Whether worn as necklaces, bracelets, garters and even earrings, this avant-garde look lets you show off beautiful blooms long after you have tossed the bridal bouquet. Options range from a few small sprigs on a choker or ring, through to statement floral pendants. Not only do they look beautiful; they smell pretty wonderful too.