Rose gold accents, flower walls and ethereal themes adorned many wedding receptions in 2017. Will these trends continue? We trawled the Internet for 2018 reception ideas, and asked two renowned Cayman wedding planners for their predictions of what the coming year has in store.

Hashtag it

In an age so dependent on social media, it is no wonder that the hashtag trend of previous years is sure to continue.Adding a personalized hashtag to any social media posts about the wedding, either by the wedding party or guests, will allow the photos to be easily searchable later – it’s a wedding album for the modern day!

Create a wedding catchphrase utilizing the couples surnames, or use catchy alliteration or a play on words. There are even online wedding hashtag generators if you are feeling uninspired.


In keeping with Instagram-friendly events, dramatic backdrops at receptions make an impact. Find a textured wall or interesting wallpaper at your reception venue and make use of it as the backdrop to the bar area or staged photo area.

Celebrations CEO, JoAnne Brown predicts there will be a lot of greenery used in weddings this year, and there are so many ways to incorporate this, living bars and potted plants being just two examples.

When it comes to florals, use them in unexpected ways to create an impact, such as with suspended arrangements.


Theme trends are moving into more a whimsical direction, with quirky details, quartz accents and bold color choices. “The colorful more Bohemian style of wedding seems to be trending a lot more recently which I love and is a lot of fun,” says Juliette Ebanks, head wedding and event planner at Five Star Events Cayman.

While JoAnne predicts color themes this year to be natural hues and tones (creams, ivories, whites and the aforementioned greenery), she says there may also be an “infusion of metallic colors in fashion and wedding décor, as well as geometric patterns and bold wedding party fashion and dresses.”

Textured accents

2018 is the year to draw your attention to texture. Marble dance floors and textured linens such as laser cut or velvet tablecloths all add impressive details.

Signage has featured over the past few years, welcoming people to the venue, showcasing seating plans and providing accent décor.

This remains, but is moving away from standard wood and chalkboards, and into less rustic textures such as faux marble, slate, acrylic, mirrors and record albums.


JoAnne’s thoughts for 2018’s wedding catering include action stations and live bars, bringing vibrancy and interaction to the normal wedding buffet and a la carte service.

As well as live stations with chefs preparing food, there will also be an increase in more interactive DIY stations at this year’s receptions.

Morning weddings could offer DIY juice mix stations, while evening receptions could surprise guests with late night taco-building tables or sushi-rolling spots, as well as help-yourself-punch in unique glasses.

Another trendy idea for drinks is to add a little local flair. “The Coconut Rum bar is becoming more and more popular for during cocktail hour with both local and overseas couples,” says Juliette. “Cold fresh coconuts are chopped for guests with the option of a shot of rum – great for pictures and a unique fun Caribbean drink!”


For entertainment JoAnne predicts 2018 will take things up a notch. Gone are the days where a DJ was all that was needed, JoAnne says this year will see “lots of wedding entertainment from games, dancers and bands” and that the photo booth will not disappear, it will just become more high-tech.


Wedding wire predicts some fabulous cake styles this year, including brushstroke or Kalabasa feather cakes, hand painted floral details, geometric accents and even piped icing succulents.