Valentine’s Day can be a special one with the person you love, but it can also bring some unwelcome pressure with it. If you are the couple that doesn’t celebrate it, so much the better; however, if either or both of you considers it a date to be recognized, make sure you get your ducks in a row.

Here are some tips on how to make Feb. 14 unforgettable:

Start the day the right way

Breakfast-in-bed: who doesn’t enjoy having their favorites served as they wake up? People like to be original, but being classic isn’t a bad thing either. The thought behind sneaking out of bed to prepare your significant other breakfast never fails to impress – just make sure you don’t both get up to make each other breakfast.

Together time

Spending time together is probably something you do every day, but is it always meaningful? Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily about going and spending money; the most important thing you can give the love in your life is your attention. Too many relationships today are ruined by technology; leave your phone at home and make the evening about them.

Happy holi-stay

Not everyone has the cash to splash when it comes to being romantic. Sure, everyone would love to jet to the Maldives, but it isn’t practical. Instead, go on a holi-stay down the road at a hotel – it’s all the fun of going away without the hassle. Oh, and you still get pampered!

Be that romantic

Instead of sitting through an awkward rendition of a sappy song, be the person singing it. It may be a cringe-inducing performance, but it makes for a fun and memorable night. If that’s not an option, write a poem or do something quirky and unique.

Something you both love

Valentine’s Day is all about couples, so choose an activity you can both get behind. For example, if you both love cooking, go ahead and plan your evening around that! You probably don’t want to take time off work as it’s a Wednesday this year, but you can always plan a wonderful dinner at home.


You can argue that it isn’t an original idea, but it’s definitely not something for the everyday. Proposing is no easy thing and not everyone is ready to take their relationship to that level, but if you’re ready, it would make it one hell of a night to remember. And for those considering this big leap, it certainly makes it easy to remember your anniversary!

History of Valentine’s Day cards

It was a 15th-century Frenchman who committed the earliest surviving Valentine’s greeting to paper. While in the Tower of London, the Duke of Orleans wrote to his wife:

Je suis desja d’amour tanné
Ma tres doulce Valentinée

This translates roughly as, “I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine.”

Well, that’s one way to celebrate Valentine’s Day … getting beheaded and declaring your dying love to your partner.