Notorious for being overpriced, wedding gifts can be difficult for guests to get right. Fret not, it is possible to find a worthy gift without breaking the bank. Here are some budget-friendly gift ideas, that don’t scrimp on meaning or personality.

Love letter napkins

With text taken from some of the world’s literary greats and hand screened onto sheets of cotton voile, this is a special gift for even the most romantic of couples. These charming Love Letter Napkins by Sir/Madam are full of character and will encourage conversation at the dinner table.

Mr. and Mrs. Bed Linen

A fun addition to the newlywed’s bed, these pillowcases are a playful token to celebrate their new-found marital status. You can find a variety of personalized options online but for standard ‘His and Hers,’ you can find them at Beside Manor in Camana Bay.


Giving a pair of newlyweds the gift of something living is a thoughtful way to acknowledge their union. Trees and plants continue to grow long after the wedding, and can act as a metaphor for a couple’s relationship. A functional tree or plant that they can plant in their garden will be a long-lasting reminder of their love’s endurance. Or, if that’s not feasible, a row of potted herbs or an indoor plant will not only bring some color to their home but will represent the commitment they have just made to each other.


Making a hamper for a newlywed couple is a thoughtful but budget friendly option. You can fill one for all types of eventualities – think honeymoon hamper filled with sunscreen, matching towel, flip flops, beach reads and an inflatable or a date night hamper filled with chocolate, a bottle of bubbles, rom-com DVDs and a soft cozy blanket.


A gift for the home is also a great option when buying on a budget. Go all out with a 12-wick candle or a Himalayan Salt lamp. Anything to help the newlyweds create their dream home will be a welcome contribution.


If you’re a close friend or family of the bride and groom why not put together a scrapbook of photos and memories for the newlywed couple to look back on, either of their relationship or of their big day? This would be a priceless gift and can be accomplished on a very small budget.

Personalized Ceramic

Commission a unique ceramic as your gift. 3 Girls and a Kiln in Camana Bay will work with you to create a special piece of ceramic art for the bride and groom. Choose everything from the shape, style and color and have it personalized for that individual touch.

Wine decanter

A wine decanter is classic glassware that’s sure to please! A terrific addition to the bar cart, this is a fun gift idea without breaking the bank. Get the couple’s names or date of their wedding engraved for a distinctive touch.