TripIt Pro

Although free apps are great, sometimes good ones are worth the money you pay. You may know the name, but the TripIt Pro app is changing the game in 2018. In addition to notifications regarding reservations, flight changes, departure and arrival gates – the app is going further. It automatically alerts you if an airline owes you money for a cancellation or delay (that information alone is worth it), and also now gives up-to-the-minute updates on airport security wait times, at an expanding array of airports. It also offers interactive airport maps, to make you feel like a know it all – at any airport.

Price: $39 per year


When you’re hungry but don’t feel like heading out for some nosh, it’s hard to beat your favorite food being delivered right to your door. The UberEATS app brings local restaurants to you, whether you’re in a hotel, condo, Airbnb or anything else. The app features in depth reviews, menus and descriptions, often with some of the best food in town. It’s an easy way to peruse the choices out there and settle on what you’re craving. After a long flight, do you really want to drag your weary bones to an unfamiliar restaurant, particularly if you’re traveling alone? We didn’t think so.

Price: Free


This app is the Swiss army knife for any frequent flyer. It shows you upgrade availability, how many cheap tickets are left on any flight, how to score an entire row in economy and so many more goodies. In this day and age of air travel, where so many airlines are charging for anything extra, you need all the help you can get. The app/site offers tools which no other publicly available services offers – it’s like you’re a part of a secret club! The ability to find last minute seats and upgrades on over 50 airlines cannot be underestimated.

Price: Basic is free. $9.99 a month for Premium.


Does your camera capture your favorite travel moments in the same rich color and detail of your mind, or do you find yourself disappointed when you see the end result? If only there was a tool out there that was inexpensive and didn’t require a college degree to use it. Snapseed is the easiest photo editing app that makes things look vibrant and rich. Enhance images, use digital filters and generally edit your photos like a boss to create end results of which you’re nothing but proud. The great thing is that it’s absolutely free, so no financial commitment required to give it a go.

Price: Free