When seeking a less bustling way of life, East End is the ideal getaway. Only 45 minutes from George Town, it couldn’t be more different than the business hub of Cayman. The roads are quieter, there are long stretches of undeveloped land, and nestled in the middle is Morritt’s Tortuga Club.

Morritt’s has been around for a long time, expanding over the years but still offering the laidback, friendly atmosphere for which it is well known. One of its most popular hangouts is Mimi’s Dock Bar – an open air gazebo with a large deck at the end of a pier. Here guests can relax and enjoy a meal outdoors while being caressed by the breezes for which East End is known. There is no better view of the sea and its inhabitants, just a stone’s throw from the balcony.

Morritt’s knows how blessed it is to have such a pristine environment that it shares with visitors from around the world, and preserving it is a top priority. Therefore, it participates in the Cayman Islands Brewery recycling program. Any bottled brewery products are collected when empty and picked up to be cleaned, sterilized and reused. It keeps them off the beach and out of the water, as well as away from the landfill.

The brewery beers are very popular with tourists, so Morritt’s keeps a good selection on hand. Here you’ll find Shell Shock IPA, Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, White Tip and Ironshore Bock. These beers range from light to dark, covering every palate’s preference.

No matter which brew you choose, it’ll be served to you by one of the friendly staff at this oasis in East End. People like Ben Pereira from India have worked at Morritt’s for many years and repeat visitors looking forward to seeing them every time they return. It’s kinda like a home away from home.

The great thing about Morritt’s is that you don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy it. The next time you’re taking a drive east, pull in and stay a while. Have an ice cold bottle of Cayman Islands Brewery beer and put your feet up for the day.