Taking a trip to Rum Point and Kaibo, North Side’s iconic island hangouts, is a breeze with Cayman Ferries. It’s convenient, affordable – and a whole lot of fun.

It gets you there in 25 minutes, starting with a scenic ride through the canal at Camana Bay then out across the North Sound. Hop back on when you’re ready to head home.

The ferry service has been around since the summer of 2016, a partnership between cousins Ronnie Anglin and Charles Marvin Ebanks Jr., both seasoned captains.

“It’s mostly residents in the evenings and on the weekends, and tourists during the weekdays,” says Capt. Anglin.
The 30-seat bright yellow ferry, styled after New York’s distinctive taxicabs, runs round-trips Tuesdays through Sundays several times a day, departing from Camana Bay. People can head out during the daytime for some fun in the sand and sun, and later catch a sunset or star-lit ride home.

Private charters are also available. “We have quite a few requests outside the ferry hours. We get a lot of different wedding groups, and people who just want to head out to a different restaurant,” says Capt. Anglin, noting a catamaran is available through its sister company Captain Marvin’s Watersports if the water taxi is unavailable.

The ferry arrives at Kaibo Yacht Club, and there is a shuttle service to Rum Point and Starfish Point.

For those who want to combine a land and sea adventure, The Sweet Spot at Kaibo rents bicycles. Once there, simply disembark from the ferry and hop on a bike to explore the area at your own pace. The watersports company also rents jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards and other water toys.

Welcome service

Capt. Anglin says the ferry service has been well-received by locals and visitors, who appreciate being able to get to these North Side destinations without having to drive or take a cab.

The concept of a ferry across the North Sound has been around for some time and has been tried on a few occasions. With an uptick in tourism, the time was right to launch the enterprise, says Capt. Anglin. “It’s been my partner’s dream for the last 10 years.”

And both are well acquainted with Cayman’s waters.

“It’s what we grew up with and been around all our lives,” says Capt. Anglin. “This is a lifestyle more so than a job.”

Part and parcel of that lifestyle is dealing with people, which Capt. Anglin says is one of the rewards of the business. “It’s meeting new people all the time, and that’s great.”

And, looking at some of the reviews on influential travel site TripAdvisor, passengers enjoy meeting captain and crew as well, along with cruising the North Sound.

Says one: “My friends and I wanted to experience going to Rum Point by boat. The staff was very nice and allowed us to ride at the front of the boat. Beautiful day to do such a thing. We even stopped to see the iguanas in the trees.” Another comment: “A great Cayman experience! We went from Camana Bay with Captain Lex and his crew. The ferry is a fun transport with an exceptionally smooth ride… Passengers were going to Kaibo for different activities; some for dinner, others for the bioluminescence tour … An enjoyable experience!”

Another appreciates the convenience of the service: “I use Cayman Ferries to go to the other side of the island when I don’t feel like driving. It’s super convenient and always a relaxing ride.”

Reservations are required for the ferry and watersports rentals at The Sweet Spot.

Cayman Ferries: 325-7777
Schedule: caymanferries.com

Cost is US$25 or CI$20 round trip (cash only)

The Sweet Spot: 925-8129