As we move into the month of June, leaving behind the merriment of Carnival in May, we get ready to celebrate amother event that we must not forget. Falling on June 17, Father’s Day is the day to thank your old man for everything he has done for you. And what better way to say ‘thank you’ than to take him out to his favorite restaurant or do the things he loves? Take a look at some of our ideas on how to show Papa your appreciation.


Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will sit on a boat all day drinking beer. Many fathers dream of retiring on a little yacht and spending their days out on the seas, casting out a couple of lines and hoping for a bite. Why not give Dad a taste of that this year by taking him out yourselves and relaxing in the beautiful sunshine with a beer in one hand and a rod in the other? Or, even better, charter a fishing boat that caters for all of your needs and let others do all the work.


While there may not be quite the stampede to the florists and chocolate shops for Father’s Day as there is for Mother’s Day, we still think that shopping is a great way to show Dad how much you care. If you are struggling to find the perfect Father’s Day Gift, look no further than Camana Bay where there is something for every father’s taste. Tech-lovers will appreciate the latest Beoplay A1 speakers or headphones available at Bang & Olufsen by Audiophile or one of the latest gadgets from the Cayman MAC Store such as the Native Union Eclipse Charger or the Virtual Reality Headset for iOS. From the latest GQ auto magazines to barbeque cookbooks, Books & Books has something for all paters everywhere. Or, if you want to change things up a little, grab him a gift certificate from Kirk Marine or A. L. Thompson’s so he can stock up his mancave or his toolshed.

Going Out

While for a few people, going out may not seem like anything special, almost everyone has their favorite dining spots – fathers being no exception. Why not treat him to a special meal at the place he really likes? Whether he enjoys his fancy cuisine or just loves casual fare, the most important thing is to choose a place that caters to his palate. So, even if you usually lean toward fine china yourself, this could be the time to pull a chair up to the sports bar and tuck into a burger or two.