Maeve’s music: local artist releases single

Arianna Broderick, known in the local (and now international) music world simply as “Maeve,” has been honing her talents for many years now. After playing on Cayman’s stages and going through a variety of hair colors, she is now poised to take the world by storm.

Maeve released her new single “Empty” in May, and it has already garnered very positive reviews. The video is stark and mesmerizing, with the singer draped in a rich red gown moving around a dark grey background and landscape.

Her vocals are eerie and unique – part natural talent and part savvy production, yet all her. Thanks to her passion for music, Maeve plays a variety of instruments, writes her own songs, and has learned how to produce along the way.

“Growing up, my family always played music in the house and everyone sang and played instruments,” she recalls. “I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I started teaching myself guitar when I was 14 and discovered songwriting. It was perfect because it combined the two things I loved to do the most – sing and tell stories. From then on, I was completely addicted and that’s when I started locking myself in my room to write music for hours on end.

“Initially, I learned how to produce because I found it hard to let people know in words what I wanted the music to sound like. Then, like songwriting, I became absolutely obsessed with production and it became another layer of creation in my music,” she says.

Locals may remember that Maeve won Best Female Artist at the Poinciana Festival in 2016, or they might have caught her singing at other events, singing and playing her guitar. These fans should be particularly interested to see how her style has evolved and how she will make her mark by staying true to her vision.

“I’m inspired by quite a few musicians from a load of different genres,” she says. “I love Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Kendrick Lamar, Massive Attack, Bjork. They’re all so different from each other but I’m drawn to musicians who create their own world and I think that’s what they have in common. I can get lost in them.”

Maeve hopes to get a lot of live gigs in the coming year, particularly in far-flung countries. Next to music, travel seems to be one of her greatest passions, allowing her to share her songs with the world.
Watch this space; Maeve is going to be big.

For more information about Maeve, visit her Facebook page at ‘Empty’ is now out on all streaming platforms and iTunes