Have a WOW Weekend!

Is there any happier day of the week than Friday? Anyone working in an office looks forward to Friday because it marks the start of the weekend, and those in the service industry know it is going to be a busy night that will hopefully bring good tips in its wake.

Friday is also a day for flying out to places like Miami, Cuba, Jamaica, Tampa and even New York. With direct flights aplenty, you’re in Cayman one moment and somewhere else in a few hours.

Whether you are planning a quick getaway or staying in the islands, you can either do very little or fill your days with activities. In this feature, we explore the many options available to you in Cayman, from breakfast spots to lunch venues, happy hour bars and outdoor excursions.

Did you know that Bread and Chocolate has an awesome vegan breakfast? Or that Obar Nightclub has an industry night on Mondays with amazing drink specials for people in the biz?

When was the last time you went out and visited the stingrays in their city, or had a barbeque on the beach?

We have the details on things you tick off your list throughout the summer, when special events are typically few and far between.

If you get the chance, do take advantage of those increased flight schedules to visit places you haven’t seen before without having to take a vacation day from work. Otherwise, create your own WOW weekend right here in Cayman by relaxing, playing, diving and dining.

So much to do, so many weekends.