Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of August, 2018

Month of Leos

Famous Leos: Barack Obama, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Mila KunisRoll out the red carpet, because Leo has arrived. Leo is represented by the lion, and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. They’re delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, theatrical, and passionate, Leos love to bask in the spotlight and celebrate themselves. These lions are natural leaders, and they enjoy cultivating friendships and romances that are artistically and creatively inspired. Playful Leos have no problem leaning into drama-fueled romances that are perfectly suited for the tabloids. (In fact, they may even prefer them.) After all, every Leo perceives him or herself as a celebrity. These astrological divas never get tired of attention.

Aries symbolAries

March 21-April 19

As the month gets going, you are spending every free moment in the sun. More romance will, likely as not, follow more flirtation. Some emotional business you thought you didn’t need to deal with could re-emerge as something of an issue. Rather than resisting or resenting, do your best to see what’s positive about this development and roll with it.

Taurus symbolTaurus

April 20-May 20

It is a really good time to get in touch with your feelings. Why? Because if you know how you feel, it will be easy to feel what you want, and it will be easy to say “yes,” “no,” or “maybe, once I have more information.” Your emotional attachments are of primary; give them lots of tender loving care.

Gemini symbolGemini

May 21-June 20

Your month is starting out like gangbusters. You run! You jump! You slam-dunk! Summertime is hitting its stride, and so are you. Be sure to make the most of this magical moment! Find some time to focus on living your healthy best. Your health is really important to everybody, not just you. Go ahead and share your opinions.

Cancer symbolCancer

June 21-July 22

If you are feeling a little wild, don’t be surprised – be delighted! Your internal animal is begging to be let out, and you would be well advised to set it free. You could be surprised to discover you have a few talents you never knew about (Salsa? Rock climbing?). Your friends will be happy to see your untamed side.

Leo symbolLeo

July 23-Aug 22

You are so full of beans — and ideas — that you could impress even yourself; and you are one tough audience. Give yourself a round of applause, then get back to work. You have a lot to accomplish. The more intensely you focus now, the more you’ll get done. There is nothing but good luck coming your way. Enjoy!

Virgo symbolVirgo

Aug 23-Sept 22

You know better than anybody that communication can be tricky. It can be tough. It can be downright emotionally draining even to think about doing, but you also know that you need to persevere. You’re good enough, you’re strong enough, and people would like to talk to you. So, go up and talk to them. Yes, for real.

Libra symbolLibra

Sept 23-Oct 22

Communicate the things that lie deepest down in the most secret regions of your being with someone you love. It’s a tall order; it’s not easy for anybody to go scavenging down in those tender places. Sharing what you find there can demand a real leap of faith. But leap. The payoff will be amazing, both in terms of the lightness you feel and the closeness you generate afterwards.

Scorpio symbolScorpio

Oct 23-Nov 21

You love to make progress, particularly when it comes to business deals, but don’t sacrifice thoroughness for speed. Why? Because right now, it’s going to be super important that you get all the details right, even if it takes extra time to do that triple check. Be ever so slightly careful of hurting other people’s feelings – tread the line.

Sagittarius symbolSagittarius

Nov 22-Dec 21

You could find yourself having a million ideas a minute. Don’t worry if you don’t get too deep, skipping around from thought to thought, like this. Even if you don’t really delve into anything, you will definitely cover a lot of interesting ground. A risk that’s well weighed and deemed worth taking could well turn out to have great rewards.

Capricorn symbolCapricorn

Dec 22-Jan 19

Clarity of thought is the elixir that you seek. You seek it in muddy pools of disjointed office talk, you seek it in the morasses of emails that are landing in your inbox, you seek it while doing meditation breathing at yoga. Even if it is hard to find, you need to keep seeking. You will find those crystal-clear ideas.

Aquarius symbolAquarius

Jan 20-Feb 18

You and a very special somebody are having a pretty incredible kind of romantic connection. When the chemistry is off the charts, don’t even try to keep track; just enjoy this amazing connection. That being said, you are still going to eventually need to compromise. You really have to make an effort to meet them halfway. Be as accommodating as you can.

Pisces symbolPisces

Feb 19-March 20

You could start out this lovely summer month in a state of mild confusion. Maybe you’re getting too much input from many places. Maybe the messages just aren’t clear enough. Or could it be that you haven’t been getting enough sleep? Whatever the issue is, be sure to give yourself a break. Step back and let your mind relax.