Kaibo in North Side is a beautiful spot for boaters, those seeking a quieter stretch of beach, and appreciators of the best things in life. It is known for its weekly evening events, its beach bar and its Upstairs restaurant. Now it can add another thing to the list: draft Cayman Islands Brewery beer.

Kaibo has been serving the brewery’s bottled products for a long time and is an active participant in its recycle-and-reuse program, so the draft beer is a natural addition to the property. It means being able to serve it in reusable receptacles, fresh from the taps.

There are four options, some of which will probably change up as the year goes on. There are the popular staples – Caybrew and White Tip – sharing space with Mango Tango, a refreshing fruity beer that goes perfectly with the summer breezes. These, in turn, are neighbored by Seven Mile Wheat, a hazed straw-colored beer that tastes bready up front, followed by orange zest and spice.

KaiboSeven Mile Wheat is recommended to be paired with fish, salads and light desserts, all of which you’ll find at Kaibo and more.

The great thing about the four different beers is that no matter what your preference, you’re bound to find something to suit your taste and mood.

The same can be said about Kaibo, which caters to people who just want to lounge on the beach and have a snack, to those seeking a fine dining experience while looking out over the sand to the sea from their second floor vantage point.

Then there are the party fans, who will no doubt flock to the Barefoot Beach BBQ held every Tuesday night from 6-9 p.m. with live music by Bona Fide band and a chance to try their hand at limbo.

Whatever your reason for discovering (or rediscovering) Kaibo, you’ll be glad you stopped by there. Go for the ambience and stay for the Cayman Islands Brewery beer.