What is the point of being in the Caribbean if you can’t enjoy a beverage by the water? Rackam’s bar and restaurant in George Town certainly subscribes to that notion, as it couldn’t get much closer to the sea if it tried.

Every day, visitors and resident regulars head to Rackam’s for some social time and cold drinks, and chances are good that those drinks will be served up by Rob Neesome.

Rob was born in Plymouth in the U.K., although you might not believe that, based on his accent. That’s because his family moved to Cayman when he was only 5 years old.

He has lived in Bermuda and Canada, but spent most of his youth right here until Hurricane Ivan hit, at which point he finished his schooling in the U.K.

Just PeachyWhen Rob came back to Cayman, he decided to give the service industry a go and got his first bar job at Fidel Murphy’s when he was 18 years old. The atmosphere and social aspects of the work clearly agreed with him, and so he kept on with bar work after he left Fidel’s, moving to O Bar nightclub until the wee hours.

After going from one indoor venue to the next, Rob is finally outdoors with a daily view that anyone would envy. He also still loves working behind the bar. “I love meeting new people and making people happy,” he says. “The fulfilment you get when you make someone’s day or make a visitor’s vacation a little bit more special; that’s a great feeling.”

When asked why he likes working at Rackam’s, he says you can’t beat being out by the water every day. “It never gets old, and you can never have enough sunsets!”

Rob has entered some mixology competitions in the past, and although they are not really his cup of tea (or vodka), he is considering entering the upcoming Stoli competition.

As far as owning his own bar in the future is concerned, he’s really keen on the idea, although he has seen the headaches that can come with such a business. The dream is “a pub-like venue or beach bar with live music; that would bring together two things I’m passionate about.”

Until Rob’s Place opens, you can catch him most days at Rackam’s.

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