The Diary of Anne FrankMost people know of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” or have at least come across Anne’s name as part of the history of World War II. Few, however, know the details of what happened to the families who went into hiding for two years in the Netherlands under Nazi occupation.

This September, the Cayman Drama Society invites you to be a fly on the wall in the secret annex as the well-known story hits the stage and the past comes to life. Watch, as two families with very different ways of living, find their fates intertwined in an effort to survive. See new relationships emerge, love blossom, and the struggle of growing up while in hiding play out through the eyes of young girl who dreams of becoming a writer.

Anne Frank’s honesty, humor, and uniquely teenaged perspective provide a refreshing outlook on life during the war. Based on the original play by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, this new adaptation by Wendy Kesselman has some passages that were previously omitted from the diary’s original publication. Contrary to the belief that the story is all doom and gloom, Anne will steal your heart with her positivity and faith which promote the notion that “in spite of everything, people are truly good at heart.”

Cast and crew

This production will feature original live music from Chuck and Barrie Quappe, with Richard Addelstone joining them on violin. The play is directed by Kirsty Halliday with assistance from Lisa Bowyer, and stage management by Erica Ebanks and Mel Wright.

The cast includes some regular and new faces onstage at the Playhouse with Jasmine Line (Anne Frank) appearing in her first title role, along with Agata Kalicki (Mrs Frank), Adam Roberts (Mr Frank) and Zoe Wall (Margot Frank). They are joined in hiding by the Van Daan family (Neil Hamaty, Laura McCauley and Liam Oko), and newcomer Stephen Wise in the role of Mr Dussell. The cast also includes Mike Bishop, Sandra Robinson, Ted Bilak, Ben Tatum and Dominic Wheaton, who all play characters living in the outside world.