Harbour Grille has happiness on tap

Far from the madding crowds of Seven Mile Beach is Grand Harbour, a haven on the way to the east side of the island. Nestled in the array of shops there you’ll find Salty’s Sports Bar, Mike’s Bar and the newly opened Harbour Grille Restaurant. With a menu that features a nice array of soups and salads, not to mention gourmet burgers, wood-fired flatbreads and some hearty entrees, Harbour Grille is a welcome addition to the complex.

Harbour Grille officially opened its doors on July 27, much to the delight of residents in the area. It offers a comfortable dining experience and a perfect choice for dinner, seven nights a week. You can sit indoors, or outside under the stars if you prefer.

Harbour Grille

No matter what you order off the menu, you should definitely try one of the local brews on tap. Just as Harbour Grille cooks up a wide variety of dishes, so has it an impressive selection of Caybrew products. There are the Caybrew, Caybrew Premium Light, White Tip and Ironshore Bock staples right next to the seasonal Nitro Stout (a nitrogenized stout emphasizing the chocolate and sweet notes from the darker kilned malts, topped with a creamy head) and Shell Shock IPA (a clear copper beer with an off-white foam cap).

Ellie FlairsThe great thing about draft beer is you get it fresh from the keg; nothing like it in one of the hottest months of the year.

When you book an evening at Harbour Grille (or simply walk in the doors), look for bartender Ellie Flairs, originally from New Orleans. With a last name like that, you know she’s in the right business. When Ellie isn’t participating in local mixology competitions, she is serving up the beverages at the Grille.

Looking for a new place to eat with a terrific atmosphere and something for everyone’s palate? Harbour Grille is the hot spot to try. Go east, my friend!