Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of September, 2018

Month of Virgo

Famous Virgos: Kobe Bryant, Pink, Dave Chappelle, Tim Burton, Beyonce, Stephen KingVirgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exacting. Those born under this horoscope sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their ‘attention to detail’ is for a reason: to help others. Virgos, more than any other zodiac sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy. They are also tailor-made for the job, since common Virgo traits are being industrious, methodical and efficient. The sense of duty borne by these folks is considerable, and it ensures that they will always work for the greater good. When the going gets tough, have a Virgo around.


March 21-April 19

You could find yourself cooking, cleaning, dusting, sorting and airing things out; that’s just the kind of energy you have this month. It will make your home crisper, cleaner and cozier. You have too many responsibilities, so take a few minutes, go outside, sit in the sun, and close your eyes. Breathe. Your energy is high and your instincts are good.


April 20-May 20

What’s the best way for you to network? Over a delicious meal in the company of dear friends. That’s right: If you need (or just want) to make a career change, your nearest and dearest are your best resources. They know you and value you and they will have some surprising ideas that could fit your skill set to a ‘T.’


May 21-June 20

Get thrifty! Yep, this is the time to start padding your nest. If you can, try to have fun saving money. Like, make it a game! Then make sure that you’re in it to win it. You know? You could be getting one call after the next. What are you going to do about it? Answer! Now’s the time to talk.


June 21-July 22

You are off to a great start to the month. You are getting good news and somebody wonderful is showing up to share it with you. Add a beautiful walk outdoors (no matter what the weather) and you pretty much can’t go wrong. In fact, you’re likely going very right. Tempted to go hog wild at the shops? Fight the feeling.


July 23-Aug 22

You are very intuitive this month and could blink your eyes and come up with a whole slew of amazing insights. Grab a pen, pencil or an electronic device of your choice and jot down whatever passed through your consciousness. You are at the top of your game. You’re in it to win it, so don’t forget to celebrate your success.


Aug 23-Sept 22

This is the month you should socialize a lot. It is high time you got in touch, made plans and met for some serious face-to-face time with the folks who mean the most to you. While you’re at it, add a whole slew of new people, too! You are in a good place to meet someone special if you’re single.


Sept 23-Oct 22

A couple of unexpected interruptions and a bunch of delays and a few extra details could leave you feeling downright harried. Rather than go along with it and let yourself get flustered, why not take advantage of the uncertainty and get in a little five-minute walk? You’ll feel a lot better with a little fresh air. Even better: sneak in a swim.


Oct 23-Nov 21

A very deep conversation puts you in mind of something you have really been wanting to do (write a novel, compose poetry, find a truly meaningful relationship …) but that you’ve been neglecting. This is great. Now that it’s back on your radar, you can really set your sights on getting this thing done now. Or at least on getting started.


Nov 22-Dec 21

You might want to charge ahead while your business partner wants to wait and see how things shake out before taking any action. Or the opposite might be true: You feel like caution is the name of the game, and your other half is all for shooting the moon. There is no friction-free way to solve the problem so go with your gut.


Dec 22-Jan 19

For best results, don’t scatter your attentions to the four winds. No. Instead, concentrate all your energies and focus on the one person whose thoughts, feelings and emotions really matter to you, right now. If that’s you, so much the better. You need to go ahead and make some decisions about where you’re headed, right now. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!


Jan 20-Feb 18

If you have overstressed yourself of late, then you might start noticing a few new aches and pains. Is your stomach bothering you? Does your head ache? All those (and more) can result from not exercising, neglecting your sleep schedule, and letting emotional stress get to you. What’s the best solution? Stop! How? Go for a swim, get a massage and breathe.


Feb 19-March 20

Romance! Fun! Mystery! Beauty! All this and more is in store for you as the month starts. Immerse yourself in the ongoing situation (or a series of situations) for optimal awesomeness. Be true to yourself, but stay open to new possibilities. Things might never be exactly the same again from the way you see yourself, to the way you see your world.