In order to be a top financial and tourism destination contender in the world, you need to keep abreast of the latest advances in technology. As you’ll see in our special feature, the Cayman Islands has no issues keeping up with its counterparts. From cutting edge security options for home and business and solar panels that can be bought and installed locally, to retail outlets offering the newest smartphones and computer systems, residents and businesses here are not left wanting when it comes to finding the goods and services they need.

In this issue, we look at drones (those eyes in the skies), what’s available in the virtual reality market, exciting updates in wearable tech, and delve into whether you’re an Android or iOS person and why.

Are you looking to upgrade your equipment or just want to know what’s available in Cayman? Is your home theater system so “very last season”? Then this is the feature for you. The fact is, we can try to resist it but there is no denying that technology is here to stay. Time to get on board or risk being left behind. It’s a brave new world – come along for the ride!