When it comes to cocktail culture, it can certainly be said that the Cayman Islands is keeping pace with some of the most cosmopolitan (cocktail reference there) cities in the world.

There are multiple mixology competitions held here each year, which send the winners off to compete with their peers from international bars. They emerge with impressive scores, proving that they can hold their own against the best from countries like Australia, the U.K. and Spain.

Bartending was not really looked upon as a viable long-term career a couple of decades ago. It was considered an interim job until the emerging adult figured out what they actually wanted to do with their lives. Now, not only can it be a very lucrative career, it can also take qualified professionals all over the world as trainers, consultants or guest bartenders at VIP events.

In this feature we learn about the history of cocktails, food pairing with your favorite spirits, and what it takes to participate in a cocktail competition. You’ll also learn about the emerging world of luxury mocktails. Social moths staying off the alcohol are no longer satisfied with your average sparkling grape juice and companies are taking notice. Don’t be surprised when you see some of these products on the shelves at local bars in the near future.

Of course, we couldn’t possibly talk about the cocktail culture on the island without highlighting Cayman Cocktail Week, which has become a permanent fixture on the calendar. From themed events to ones featuring unique and rare liquors and liqueurs, Cayman Cocktail Week is popular enough that tickets sell out early. Choose the nights you want to attend and buy yours – stat!

Whether you have been considering a career behind the bar or you’re just interested in the magic of mixing cocktails, this is the issue for you.

Please drink responsibly.