Horoscopes – Your forecast for the month of October, 2018

Month of Libras

Famous LibrasLibra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and it’s at this point in the zodiac that we start to see a shift. While the first six signs of the zodiac focus on the individual, the last six focus on the individual’s contact with others and with the world. The Libra zodiac sign is first and foremost focused on others and how they relate to them. We can call this the sign of Partnership with a capital ‘P’ because these folks do not want to be alone! For a Libra, everything is better if it’s done as a pair. Libras are good when paired up, too, since they epitomize balance, harmony and a sense of fair play. While they are true team players at work, their favorite partnership is at home.

Aries astrological symbolAries

March 21-April 19

There is nothing quite like autumn leaves changing color and breezes whistling through your hair when it comes to romance. You could be so preoccupied with making huge strides at work that you hardly have any time to think about love, but you should because it is in your sights. It could be reckoning time with a close friend or partner.

Taurus astrological symbolTaurus

April 20-May 20

There are days when everything at work and at home goes without a hitch. Then there are days when things are just so darned muddled. Every minor decision turns into a power struggle. It is so frustrating! Rather than let it frustrate you, practice breathing deeply. Practice staying calm. Practice being nice, just because. Do things suddenly seem a lot less complicated?

Gemini astrological symbolGemini

May 21-June 20

A little light debate will really get your creative juices flowing. An out-and-out, drag-down, knockout fight could leave you feeling a little depleted, on the other hand. So, get into debates but don’t get involved in any battles. You’re in an observant kind of place so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. Who knows what you might find?

Cancer astrological symbolCancer

June 21-July 22

Ah, humility. It will take you so far in this world, but you should not confuse humility with being a doormat. Don’t think being humble means you let other people walk all over you. No: Humility means recognizing that no one knows everything, that everyone has something to bring to the table, and that you are all incredibly valuable, in your own ways.

Leo astrological symbolLeo

July 23-Aug 22

Your month is starting off with a great big bang! Have a blast right now. You want to do a thorough job researching whatever it is that is on your mind – from dog toys to reasons it’s been hard to let go of certain romantic attachments. After all, a superficial understanding of the situation is going to be anything but enlightening.

Virgo astrological symbolVirgo

Aug 23-Sept 22

You should be the opposite of rigid this month. Be the reverse of brittle and unbending. Be loose, be cool, be flexible. Going to yoga or to the pool or to the gym will really help with this project. Talk to your buddies as they have your best interests at heart. Talk to some experts as well; they can help.

Libra astrological symbolLibra

Sept 23-Oct 22

Creativity is the task of the day for you. You sometimes pretend like you aren’t a creative type, like you don’t really know what to do with a colored pencil, like you don’t care if your bed sheets are beige or periwinkle blue. But deep down, you know better: You have great instincts and an know how to make things beautiful.

Scorpio astrological symbolScorpio

Oct 23-Nov 21

Do you have the feeling that you could figure out exactly how to turn this whole organization around, if only your boss would get out of the way? There’s not a lot that you can do about it, at least, not right now. So, bide your time, and look for ways in which you can make smaller-scale changes for the better.

Sagittarius astrological symbolSagittarius

Nov 22-Dec 21

As your month gets going, you will probably notice a lot of smiles directed your way. Smile back and be glad for all these good vibes. A little moodiness can be turned into some very interesting dream time, if you listen to your body (which is saying, “I’m cranky because I’m tired!”) and take a couple of naps. Sleep is the key!

Capricorn astrological symbolCapricorn

Dec 22-Jan 19

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to be ever so slightly on your guard. Just add a healthy dose of skepticism to your daily regime. It never hurts to ask a few more probing questions, particularly if someone is trying to sell you something that sounds, to be perfectly honest, way too good to be true. You know? Be savvy this month.

Aquarius astrological symbolAquarius

Jan 20-Feb 18

If you find yourself repeatedly stuck in various power struggles and disagreements and you are using all your energy fighting fights that you don’t really care about, don’t you think it’s time to re-prioritize? Just a little? Maybe you should focus less on getting your coworkers to agree with you and more on getting to the gym every single day.

Pisces astrological symbolPisces

Feb 19-March 20

Your top concerns should be your diet and your health. Are you getting to the gym? Are you eating potato chips more often? Are you taking care of your emotional health? Are you happy? You can ignore the nagging little signs that all might not be quite right, but it isn’t a good idea, not by any stretch of the imagination. Get proactive!