Cocktail shaker1. Shaker

A fundamental piece of any bar’s cocktail equipment, shakers come in all shapes and sizes, with and without strainers. The Boston shaker is the most classic of the lot, with a glass half which also serves as a mixing glass. Essential for any mixed cocktail and easy to get your hands on, a shaker is a must have for a maestro mixologist. Available at Bon Vivant.

2. Spoon

Bar spoon

A tall bar spoon is for the stirred not shaken. An otherwise simple piece of kit, it is essential nonetheless. Go for a spoon with a good weight and practice your technique to get the most out of this tool. It should have a twisted stem for layering drinks and can also come with a flat end for muddling.

3. Strainer

StrainerFor shakers without strainers, this piece of apparatus is required. A Hawthorne strainer is the most classic choice for straining your shaken beverages into their final vessel, with a julep strainer and fine mesh strainer being the other two types. These won’t break the bank but are necessary for classic cocktails like a cosmopolitan or martini.

Measure4. Measure

While some punters hail the free pour, any mixologist worth his salt will tell you a measure is a must-have in order to balance the flavors of a cocktail correctly. So, whether you are a novice in the mixology world or an expert, always have one of these at hand to get the quantities correct every time.

5. Muddler


A must-have for a mojito! A muddler is worth having if you have a penchant for fresh fruit flavors. With steel, plastic and wooden options to choose from, a comfortable and useful grip will be the defining factor in making muddling much easier. These are great for muddling frozen fruit for punch bowls and mint leaves alike.

Ice cube molds6. Ice cube molds

These are a novelty addition to your barware, but they will leave a lasting impression. Impress your guests with sphere- and cube-shaped ice cubes to chill their drinks. Becoming a popular addition to both a gin and tonic and an old fashioned, these ice cubes will chill your drink while not melting too quickly, avoiding unwanted dilution. Available at Bon Vivant.

Glass7. Glassware

When it comes to the perfect serve, the glass is just as important as what goes inside it. Whether it is a cut crystal tumbler or a ‘copa de balon,’ make sure to choose the right glass for your tipple and don’t be shy when dressing it up with decorations, think pink umbrella in your piña colada. A. L. Thompson’s store’s range of Strahl plastic ‘glassware’ is perfect for when you want to take your cocktail to the pool.

Juicer8. Juicer

Another piece of mandatory cocktail kit; choose either a hand juicer or a juicing dish. Hand juicers are perfect if you are a skilled mixologist working at a fast pace, while the juicing dish creates less of a mess, and is more suited to a leisurely pace of serving.

Straws9. Reusable straws

In the current climate of reducing our plastic consumption, choosing not to drink from a plastic straw is definitely the way forward and with many bars on island swapping to paper straws, opting for a stainless steel or glass straw to sip your drink through will add class to any handcrafted cocktail. You can buy glass straws from local company Peripheral Life & Style.

Cocktail recipe book10. Cocktail recipe book

For those who want to learn the basics or expand their knowledge further, a cocktail recipe book is a helpful addition. Learn new techniques and experiment with new flavor combinations to take your cocktail making game to the next level. Rosemary-infused simple syrup, here you come!