Christmas Day can be one of the most stressful hosting opportunities of the year. As loved ones get together for festivities of food and drink it can be hard to keep everyone happy and not lose the plot. Getting hot and sweaty over a hot stove while trying to keep an eye on the veg and a spoon stirring the sauce, can make Christmas pretty stressful. We naturally want everything to be perfect even if we sometimes dread the lead up. But it need not be this way.

A group at a dining table making a toast and touching glasses

Here are our top tips to hosting a stress free Christmas

Be organized

Take time to think of everything you will need for Christmas Day and make a shopping list. Remember that shops will be closed so don’t forget something important that will have a dreaded knock-on effect on your plans. Go through each meal individually and plan what you need. Don’t forget to stock up on kitchen essentials like aluminum foil, cling film and kitchen roll.

Drink up and be merry

Christmas is one time of the year when it is wholly acceptable to start drinking before lunch. Loosen yourself up with a mimosa or spritzer before venturing into the kitchen for the day of cooking ahead. Plus, we all know everything tastes better after a couple of drinks so if the food isn’t quite perfect your guests will be none the wiser. Make sure you stock up on more than you think you need beforehand as it won’t go to waste!

Forget the FUSS

Focus on the food and forget the fuss. Keep Christmas Day as simple as possible and reap the stress-free benefits. There is nothing worse than covering your table in crackers and unnecessary decorations with nowhere to put down your glass. Spending time making a delicious meal will leave a much more lasting memory in your guest’s minds than the keyring they received from their cracker.

Seasonal snacks

With food being the center of the universe at Christmas it is key to stock up on snacks, whatever your taste. Whether it be cheese and crackers or chips and dip, it is always a good idea to have a stash of these in the pantry for late night snacking and just general grazing. It is also a good idea to stock the freezer with mini sausage rolls and pizzas, that way if the Christmas dinner doesn’t quite make the cut you have a backup plan.

Keep Calm

Throughout the festive season it is important to keep in mind what Christmas is about. Try not to get caught up in all the fuss and instead focus on quality time spent celebrating with family and friends. No one likes a stress head ruining the atmosphere. So, if you do begin to feel overwhelmed, pour yourself a drink, take a minute and ask for help.


And if you just can’t face slaving away in the kitchen, why not let someone else do all the hard work. There are several outlets on the island offering takeaway food packages and platters for all your Christmas dinner needs. The major supermarkets on island are offering their services along with Chicken Chicken, Lola Bistro and even The Ritz-Carlton if you are feeling flashy.