What fitness type fits you?

There are many ways to get fit – you just have to find the method that suits your schedule, body type and personality.

Here is a breakdown of three popular trends to help you decide which might work for you.


People exercising

If you’ve driven through Camana Bay slowly, you may have seen people in workout gear running about in a big hurry for relatively short distances outside. Chances are good they are participating in a CrossFit class.

CrossFit has been a top fitness trend for quite some time for good reason: if you stick with it, you’ll definitely reap the rewards and enjoy the additional support of a group of equally motivated people. Workouts change regularly and can include everything from weight lifting to rope climbing and sprinting. The surroundings are quite stark but very functional with motivating trainers taking people through each discipline. The definition of CrossFit is “a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise.”

Why it’s for you: Those looking for a challenge and who like to be part of a group when they work out should certainly try CrossFit. The constant change in routines means you won’t get bored and again, it’s amazing how the mix of healthy competition and support can push you to bigger goals. All levels of athletic ability are welcome to sign up. There are a few CrossFit companies on the island, so you have choices.

Why it’s not for you: Group workouts aren’t for everyone. If you prefer to train on your own, aren’t keen on lifting weights and prefer a more leisurely pace, then CrossFit probably isn’t your jam.

Spin classes


These go way beyond your usual bicycle workout – upright or recumbent. Spinning classes have everyone lined up on bikes built for one specific purpose: To help you find muscles and stamina you never knew you had. The instructor will drive you to keep going and there is certainly an upbeat atmosphere in the room. Just wear padded shorts if you intend to sit on the seat for long..

Why it’s for you: If you need to build up your resilience and cardiovascular health, a spin class is a great choice. You’ll give your heart a good workout and you’ll feel pumped afterwards. Everyone around you is high on life as they pedal and that positive energy takes you along for the ride. Check your local gym to see if spin classes are offered.

Woman standing in yoga poseWhy it’s not for you: Not surprisingly, leaning over in that matter for the length of a class does your spine no favors at all if you suffer from back issues. It can exacerbate the problems you already have, so check with a doctor before signing up. “No pain, no gain” does not apply in this case.


There are many different types of yoga with classes running for varying lengths of time. This fitness option has been around for many, many years and has fans and yogis of all ages, sizes and cultures. The yoga we know today, derived from an ancient Eastern practice, can do all kinds of things for you. Beyond making you much more flexible, it can improve your strength and digestive system. Yoga can also do wonders for your stress levels and mental relaxation. This isn’t just for women – men love their yoga too. Do your research before you start. Attempting a 75-minute hot yoga class is not necessarily the way to begin.

Why it’s for you: All ages and sizes can do yoga – it has mass appeal. Stretching, flexibility and peace of mind are all benefits you’ll get from this tried-and-true workout for the body and soul. Its low-impact moves coupled with soothing instruction are therapeutic and have far-reaching positive effects. Another bonus: you have a choice of multiple local studios.

Why it’s not for you: Guess what? There is no reason we can think of. Even if you are a hardened athlete who deliberately seeks out punishing workouts, yoga can make a difference to your fitness level.

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