Monthly musings – Reflections from What’s Hot contributor Vicki Wheaton

Romance, shmomance

Vicki WheatonWhen the last Christmas decoration has disappeared from the shops and the elf has left the shelf, it is time for hearts, chocolates and big-eyed teddy bears to take their place.

February is considered to be the month for lovers, largely due to the fact that Valentine’s Day falls on Feb. 14. Restaurateurs prepare for one of their biggest nights of the year, while jewelers, florists and even car dealerships gird their loins for an upsurge in sales.

Yes, indeed, it is a glorious time for those in a relationship … and a bitter reminder to those of us still remarkably single (ahem) that we are without a mate. Every TV ad hawking perfume or cologne, featuring scantily clad couples embracing on the water somewhere in the Greek Isles is like a knife in our souls. We can’t see the roses for the thorns. Gasp!

Okay, so maybe the above is a bit of an exaggeration; still, anyone going through a recent breakup or longing for romantic companionship can find February to be a bit of an emotional minefield. I don’t know if it was coincidence or planned, but my boyfriends always seemed to make a well-timed exit before my birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. What a sob story, eh?

Cayman definitely recognizes Cupid’s date. The roads are lousy with florist vans in the day and the restaurants are packed to capacity in the night. By Feb. 15, red roses are an endangered species.

So, what to do if you are without a mate? Well, you can stay home and watch a film, or you can hit the town with friends in a similar position and have a ball! I remember one year we headed out to our favorite bar and had a blast, chatting all night and reminiscing about old times. Another year, we all met up at the beach, drank some Champagne and went for an unplanned, fully-clothed dip in the sea. You forget how heavy jeans can get when they are soaked in water.

Not everyone cares about Valentine’s Day, whether they are in a relationship or not. To them, it is just another date on the calendar and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re feeling blue on the reddest day of the year, don’t stay home and stew – spend it with people you really love who love you back. Hey, it could be the best Valentine’s Day ever!