The love in our life!

Collage of photos with a theme of love

While February is the month of romantic St. Valentine’s Day, it is also a time to celebrate all types of love in our lives.

Take the opportunity to show your parents, your children or your siblings how much you care. Why not spend a day together at the beach or watch one of Cayman’s glorious sunsets, reflecting on the joys and blessings to be shared as a family?

If you don’t have relatives on-island, take the occasion to indulge in some self-love; whether it’s a treatment at the spa, shopping, going to the hair salon or quiet moments to read a book.

Perhaps you could make time for a new hobby, such as painting or sewing, to give enjoyment and fulfillment. Check out Art Nest on McLendon Drive (, which offers all types of creative classes.

Start a little garden – even pots on the patio – where you can love and tend flowers and herbs that you grow yourself. Your nurturing will reap the benefits many-fold when the plants flourish.

Share a lovely time with friends this month, too. Get together for a dinner party, a trip to the Sandbar or even a staycation. Many hotels on Grand Cayman offer special rates for residents and you can experience the pleasure of a weekend break without the hassle of international travel.

The Sister Islands are also perfect for a quick-get-away, whether for a romantic weekend, a solo trip to explore the “siblings” or a couple of days to have fun with friends.

If you love the water, then the usually calm and crystal-clear waters of the Cayman Islands are the perfect time to paddleboard, kayak, swim, snorkel or dive.

Express love in your own, unique way. Love is all around us.