In Cayman, a long-standing tradition is spending the Easter long weekend camping on the beach – a link to the early days living off the land and sea, and simpler times. The days are spent fishing, cooking, swimming, playing games and relaxing.

This Easter tradition is as popular today as it’s always been. Favorite spots to pitch a tent include along the Queen’s Highway in East End, in and around Rum Point and Cayman Kai, along Seven Mile Beach, Smith Cove and South Sound.

Keep it clean The Department of Environmental Health reminds campers to leave all areas clean and free of litter. Fishing lines and plastics left on the beach can pose a threat to wildlife, and litter left on land can attract rodents and other pests. Broken bottles and sharp objects are also dangerous. Of course, some spots are more popular than others, so expect to see campers stake their claim well before the long weekend.

Before heading out to the beach, make sure all camping supplies are at hand. Hardware stores and supermarkets have been gearing up for Easter for quite some time, with loads of camping supplies, tents and barbecues piled high in preparation for the four-day break.

Essentials include a good flashlight, fishing tackle, batteries, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, blankets and utensils for preparing food.

When cooking in the great outdoors, take special care handling and storing food. Make sure any flammable material is kept away from open flames, and that the campfire is properly extinguished, as coals can remain very hot for a long time.

Sharing camp food and swapping stories is one of the many aspects that makes the Easter camping experience intrinsically Caymanian.