There’s no place like home – especially when you live in paradise.

And just like the hundreds of thousands of people who vacation in Cayman throughout the year, residents can take advantage of their beautiful island while staycationing.

Local hotels often offer staycation rates, usually dependent on room availability, so check a week or two before your planned break to see what deals can be had.

To remove yourself from the hustle and bustle, head east. The districts of North Side and East End offer unparalleled relaxation and a true island vibe. Spend the day on one of the rustic beaches, where you’re likely to be the only people there. Colliers Beach, Heritage Beach, and Barefoot Beach are some examples.

Three photos: boat in clear waters, booby on a rock, three people cycling.

Take to the seas in a kayak and explore lesser known coastlines or take to two wheels with a guided East End bicycle tour from ECO Ride Cayman. Visit attractions such as Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Garden and the Wreck of the Ten Sail, or natural wonders such as the Blow Holes. At the westernmost tip of North Side indulge in a meal or mudslide at Kaibo or Rum Point Club overlooking the serene waters of the North Sound and take a walk down to Starfish Point to spot bright orange echinoderms in the shallows.

Hopping to the Sister Islands will up the staycation ante even more.

The closest, and smallest sibling, Little Cayman, offers world-class diving on Bloody Bay Wall, serene kayaking excursions to uninhabited Owen Island or bird watching at Booby Pond Nature Reserve. You can even cycle around the entire island if you’re feeling energetic, or just head to Point of Sand to laze on the beach.

On Cayman Brac the looming 140-foot Bluff provides activities such as hiking trails such as Deadman’s Point trail, rock climbing with Rock Iguana Ltd., or exploring the many caves such as Peter’s cave and Rebecca’s cave.

Fishing is also big on the Brac, whether bone fishing or deep sea, with tournaments taking place throughout the year.

Man photographing a couple with the blowholes behind them.