NAME: DannyLoops
BORN: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
OCCUPATION: Singer/musician

Daniel Ebanks is his given name, but anyone on the local music circuit knows him better as DannyLoops.

The native-born singer and guitarist has been around for a while, yet in the past year has significantly elevated  his profile to the point that you seem to hear of him everywhere.

He plays at venues almost every day of the week and further advanced his career by performing at KAABOO Cayman in February.

Seems this guy’s future is looking pretty rosy on its current trajectory.

So, where did the stage name come from?

“Well, to start with, my name is Daniel and for a while everyone called me Danny, so I thought ‘Why not use that instead of my regular name?’,” says Ebanks. “I started saying ‘Hi, I’m Danny and I’ll be your entertainment  tonight’ at my gigs, but I needed something catchier.

“[Then] some random guy called me Danny Looptydoops as a joke and I liked it, but it was too childish so I removed the ‘tydoop’ and went with DannyLoops.”

Ebanks started playing guitar when he was 12, but only started taking it seriously when he turned 15.

The open mic nights on the island really got him hooked and by the time he had turned 18, he was singing and accompanying himself on guitar.

He has written over 20 original songs but has only recorded two so far. “Of course, out of the 20 I’m only proud of like five or six,” he laughs. He cites John Mayer as a major influence as well as Khalid for his originality, but you can’t beat the legend himself, Stevie Wonder.

“I’m a very funky guy, just can’t get enough [of his stuff ],” Ebanks explains.

“I know that I want to play music all my life and never work a 9-5 job,” he says. “I guess my idea of music is to
gain freedom from a regular life. Not to say a regular life is a bad thing, it’s just not for me. I know I’m gonna travel, but I want to make sure I can do it with music, whether that means going on tour around the world or playing on the streets to make ends meet. It’s still music, and that’s what matters most.”

Catch DannyLoops at one of his gigs around the island, like Coccoloba on Fridays, Tillies on Tuesdays and The Lodge for late night Mondays. Follow him on @dannyloopsmusic.