Eating House 1503 has been around for a while, yet it still seems to be a relatively well-kept secret. Perhaps it is because the space it occupies in that building has had many names in a fairly short period of time (some may
remember YARA). Or perhaps it is because it is somewhat hidden behind a fair bit of foliage, pitting it in unfair competition against the far more visible resort lobby area.

Whatever the reason, more people should seek out this restaurant, as its delicious, nicely priced dishes, coupled with some really well mixed cocktails, have made it a favourite of mine.

If I was to describe the atmosphere, I would call it smart casual. It hits that sweet spot between a chain restaurant
and fancy schmancy venues that keep implements like pickle forks in their cabinets. That being said, do not expect the food to just fi ll a hole. The crispy imperial rolls, calamari and steamed dumplings are fantastic and perfect for sharing. I am also a fan of their selection of sushi and sashimi if I am craving something lighter.

The burger comes highly recommended, as well as the tiger shrimp scampi, but whatever you do, make sure
you leave room for dessert. This last course is where restaurants sometimes flag, but Eating House 1503 shines. The matcha green tea crème brulee is out of this world, as is the chocolate decadence and coconut panna cotta.

Wash it all down with a well-executed lychee martini or orange blossom cocktail and the night is complete.