‘Angel Has Fallen’

Who woulda thunk that the predictable, by-the-numbers flick ‘London Has Fallen’ warranted any kind of sequel?

Well, apparently the money men saw the value of it because here comes Gerard Butler again, ready to save the world, one bad guy at a time. Does Morgan Freeman have a huge alimony bill or something? What the heck is he doing signing up for another one of these? Butler reprises his role as Secret Service agent Mike Banning, who ends up going rogue, evading the FBI and his own agency to identify the real threat to the life of President Allan Trumbull, played by Freeman. He turns to unlikely allies in order to clear his name and get the information he seeks. No doubt there will be lots of fights and explosions along the way with Butler right in the thick of it.

If you like an action film where you don’t have to think too much, this will probably fit the bill nicely.

‘Ready or Not’

From the moment we saw the first trailer for this interesting film, we were hooked. Samara Weaving is new bride, Grace, whose in-laws have some quirky ideas of how to welcome someone into the family.

A game of hide-and-seek in their palatial estate is taken to the next level, as Grace finds she must hide from midnight to dawn in  order to avoid being caught by her newly acquired relatives who wield everything from guns to crossbows. Mark O’Brien is husband Alex Le Domas, who kept this little ritual from her until after the ‘I do’s.

Will the marriage survive? Who knows, but this blackest of comedies looks like it will be a hoot, so long as you can stomach the inevitable consequences of people running around in the dark with deadly weapons in their hands. Early buzz is very good for this movie and surely it should get an ‘A’ for originality alone.