Going green

We’ll be the first to admit that green juice doesn’t look all that appetizing.

First of all, it’s green. Second of all, it can be an … interesting consistency.

No wonder the typical meat-eating, saturated fat-ingesting crowd is wary of it and dismisses it out of turn. But here’s the thing: the green smoothies produced by Green2Go are not only tasty (seriously, we tested); they also give you a tummy-full of nutrients you might not otherwise be getting. They provide a physical and psychological boost, and they offer free delivery! There is no excuse not to go green.

Pile on the pearls

Contrary to popular belief, pearls are not just jewellery your grandmother left you, destined to hide in the back of the closet with the lace doilies. It is all in the way you wear them! Pearls never go out of fashion – they are eternal. From Coco Chanel and Jackie O to Carrie Bradshaw, these women knew that pearls could elevate any outfit. The trick is to have a good set with some length to them so you can arrange them in different ways. And don’t be afraid to mix, match and layer them. Make a statement!

Aussie rules coffee

Social media is abuzz about the new Bluestone Lane café on Fort Street. Located in Fort 51, the latest addition
to the local java scene opened on 3 Aug. and has made a splash with its décor, atmosphere and to-die-for avocado toast. This coffee house joins a number of Bluestone Lane international locations, including California, New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Toronto.

Touted as ‘an Australian-inspired coffee, café and lifestyle brand’, it is bringing a bit of Down Under to Cayman.

Be My Eyes

One of the positives of technology is how it can bridge the vast gaps between countries and people, bringing help to those who need it. There is no better example of this than the Be My Eyes app, which connects the visually impaired with those who can see – even if they are thousands of miles away. The blind person seeking help reaches out via the app to volunteers who can read a label or street sign for them, for example, using live video. Spread the word!