Rainbow hair
Auburn, chestnut, blonde…these hair hues are now out with the bathwater, being replaced by incredibly bright primary colours that are fun and flattering…if you choose the right shades. No need to go full-prism; you can sport a spectrum of purples or rock a range of reds.

Just make sure you get it done professionally, as a home job could turn you into Pennywise the Clown.

Spa for less
Yes, summer brings hotter temperatures and some impressive rainstorms with it, but it also means residents can score some deals at hotels and restaurants. The Kimpton Seafi re + Spa is offering nicely priced packages through September including massages, facials, and mani/pedis, while The Ritz-Carlton La Prairie Spa has a special menu for massages, mineral body treatments, facials, mani/pedis and the luxurious caviar eye lift service (hold the blinis) through 19 Nov.

Earbud buddies
If you thought noisecancelling headphones were limited to over-the-ear DJ-type deals, think again. Sony has now released its WF-1000XM3 completely wireless earbuds that nestle in your ear canals, protecting them from a
cruel and cacophonic world.

Their industry-leading tech, coupled with a comfy design that ensures they can be worn for hours at a time, makes them a must for anyone who craves peace and quiet or wishes to listen to music without ambient noise filtering in. Tweak settings and sound via a mobile app, natch.

Anti-chafing thigh bands
Curvy or muscular, it doesn’t matter – ladies of all shapes and sizes can suffer from chafi ng inner thighs. There is nothing worse than getting home after a long night out to red, sore skin, forcing you to walk like a gunslinger to your bed. Who knew that antichafing thigh bands were a thing? Available in pretty lace designs or as flattering stretchy bands that don’t pinch, they are practical undergarment accessories that don’t budge when you boogie.