You can’t get enough of good food, particularly in the Cayman Islands, dubbed the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Home to a large melting pot of cultures, Cayman has a wide range of restaurants serving up a diverse mix of cuisine from Indian to Asian and Mexican to Italian. On 21 Sept. you can sample them all in one place, when the LIVE Street Food Festival opens for one night on Cardinall Ave. in George Town.

The organising team of Global Vision Concepts and EventPro (usually home for online ticketed events) has been busy preparing for this inaugural event that they hope will be the first of many. We chatted with Carlo Lee, one of the team members, to get more information about the festival and what it is all about.

What’s Hot: Who came up with the idea of the festival?
Carlo Lee: The idea for the LIVE Street Food Festival willed itself into existence purely by the demand for culturally relevant entertainment that is inclusive of [the] global community [calling] the Cayman Islands home.

The Experience Team (Global Vision Concepts + EventPro) is simply happy we were the ones charged with the responsibility of delivering it; the same team that delivered Cayman’s Premier Seafood Festival earlier this year @seafoodbylive.

WHW: Why choose this time of the year – September?
CL: We chose it [due to] the conventional lack of activity on island in the entertainment space. The goal is to  breathe life into this time of the year in order to progressively extend the ‘high season’ by attracting international guests for this unique twist on a street food festival. We also find ourselves in a unique position to deliver an exceptional event to the heart of George Town, in aid of the George Town Revitalisation efforts and we believe this is the best time of year for our capital to ‘LIVE’.

WHW: How many stalls are you planning to have?
CL: There will be over 20 stalls offering an eclectic selection of street food from around the world and around the way. These include local chefs, restaurants and food trucks.

WHW: What different countries will be represented?
CL: We have over 14 countries being represented, giving guests the opportunity to travel the world via taste.

WHW: Will there be any music and if so, what?
CL: We have a rich lineup of live musical performances delivered by some truly amazing local musicians including Erica Assai, Danny Loops, Denys Carbò Cedeño, DJ Love & Boogie, Jimmeh and James Geary.

WHW: Are you planning to make this an annual event?
CL: We really don’t think we have a choice in the matter; patrons have already decided that it has to be and we concur. We focus on delivering community-centric experiences, and we’ve made every effort to do so in a sustainable way. As long as there are people on island interested in food, we will be here.

WHW: What do people get for the VIP tickets?
CL: Our Diplomat guests will enjoy the ultimate street food experience. They will be armed with enough F&B tickets to [sample from multiple booths], with an endless flow of canapés and other exclusive bites and treats.

Our premium beverage-inclusive lounge offers delightfully crafted cocktails and spirits for guests to indulge in all night long.

WHW: Why are these important?
CL: Culturally relevant festivals like this are important for the development of our local and global community as they offer a chance for people to come together and celebrate the things that connect us. Our goal as an organisation is to continue delivering exceptional experiences that encourage interaction.

WHW: What is your favourite kind of food and why?
CL: We particularly love the kind of food that we get to enjoy with the ones we love because that is a flavour that is irreplaceable – the taste of good food in good company.

WHW: Are you donating any proceeds to charity?
CL: The Cayman Islands Chess Federation will be our main beneficiary of charitable donations, in aid of funding the national chess team to compete in the 2020 Chess Olympiads that will be hosted in Russia.