Puff sleeves

Just when we thought we’d managed to put enough distance between us and the ‘80s, they come sneaking back   into our lives. Believe it or not, puff sleeves came back into fashion last year and are still going strong! Next thing they’ll be telling us is Molly Ringwald and the gang are returning for a sequel to ‘Pretty in Pink’. Yes indeed, poofy sleeves are big right now – literally.

If you look like you’re smuggling helium balloons in your shoulders, that’s a great start. You can either bury your head in the sand or get out the sewing machine and embrace the trend.

Explore your inner artist

How many of us believe we don’t have an artistic bone in our bodies? Art Nest may change that way of thinking.

This creative space on McLendon Drive started with painting classes and has now expanded to include pottery,  beading, dancing and a host of  other activities designed to release your inner artist. The Canvas & Cocktails nights are particularly popular. It’s amazing how a glass of wine improves one’s brushwork. With excellent instruction in a relaxed atmosphere, that swirl on your canvas quickly becomes a priceless work of art. See artnestcayman.com.


Ladies are well familiar with the waxing, shaving, pampering, facials and other treatments available to them, but what about men? If a fresh, four-blade razor that vibrates is the highlight of your day, you are missing out, gentlemen. The Man Cave in Caribbean Plaza is an upscale sanctuary for the male of the species, offering spa and barber services as well as grooming enhancements to have you feeling and looking your best. You can get a professional straight razor shave and buy luxury products to try at home. Ask about the Guyzillion wax service.

We’ll leave it at that.

Gamer’s Bay

Beware those who thought kids into video games were just hopeless geeks. Those geeks of yesteryear are now the multi-millionaires of today, either working in the gaming industry or making mammoth events like Comic-Con a huge success. New York Comic-Con is coming up at the beginning of October, but you can get a taste of it at the local Gamer’s Bay Convention, being held in the John Gray High School gym from 28-29 Sept. Buy tickets to participate or just attend, and don’t forget to wear your cosplay costume! Check it out at gamersbaycayman.com.