Tea for two

Luxury teas are making a big comeback, with some presented in the kind of fancy boxes usually reserved for  impressive engagement rings. Imagine that awkward exchange. “Oh Tom! Yes, I WILL marry you!” “Errr, sorry Constance; I was just wondering if you’d like a spot of Oolong.” Luckily you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to indulge.

Tea Time in Cayman has a glorious selection of teas from the basic to the extraordinary.  The Queen would highly approve.

Visit teatimeincayman.ky.

Pretty in pink

Breast Cancer Month is just around the corner (October) and pink is the colour of awareness. Show your support by going big with a chunky pink glitter nail polish, such as a bottle of the Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop – a fashion magazine favourite. Not only will it make a statement, it also covers up a multitude of sins thanks to being chockfull of sparkly stuff.

Wear it alone or atop a layer of some other blush hues and paint the town pink!

Smart backpacks

Just like everything else that has become ‘smart’ (phones, watches, cars), bags are following the trend and can now perform multiple tasks. Expect to fi nd USB ports, solar panels, battery packs and other accoutrements on board that may have you wondering if you should send your backpack in to do your maths test instead.

As with anything else, different brands are more worthy than others so shop smart, or you could end up with a backpack so ‘advanced’ that you can’t actually fit anything in it.


Yes, it is very disappointing that KAABOO Cayman will not be returning in 2020, but anyone with a calculator at this year’s festival must have realised that pot noodles would be the only thing on the menu in the foreseeable future.

Look at the positives: we all got to see some amazing acts on our home turf and hopefully it has given us a renewed appreciation of live music. Take that appreciation and put it behind our talented local bands playing around the island. You may not get the Silver Thatch perks, but it will be much easier to get a drink at the bar.