Name: Erik Hernandez, Born: Mexico, Occupation: Prestidigitator

Erik Hernandez is young – only 21 years old – but don’t let his age fool you. This magician has already performed at some of the island’s most prestigious events, for private parties and numerous corporate groups. His confidence comes from about eight years of experience, thanks to a passion for the skill and a mentor who was willing to show him the ropes.

Hernandez was born in Mexico and moved to Grand Cayman with his family in late 2011. One night, they went for dinner at Casanova restaurant and saw magician Jose Perez performing magic at the tables.

“It was the first time I had ever seen magic performed live,” Hernandez says. “That was it for me – I was immediately hooked.”

He started teaching himself some tricks and about a year later, Perez took him under his wing and mentored him for over a year.

The young entertainer took to it like a rabbit to a hat and soon was inventing his own pieces while creating versions of tried-and-true classics.

“I prefer close-up magic,” Hernandez says. “When people see magic performed on stage, they are always looking for a trap door or something; when it is up close, they can’t figure it out. There is no way to hide anything when it’s right before their eyes and that makes it more magical, in my opinion.”

If he had to choose one magician he idolises, he says it would have to be Justin Willman of ‘Magic for Humans’ – the Netflix reality show – fame.

“He is not necessarily the best magician in the world, but he is a great entertainer,” he says. “If I were to choose the best magicians, I would probably say Penn and Teller.”

His dream is to work some high-end gigs in New York, but for now he is content to keep honing his skills in Cayman. People never tire of seeing him perform; it’s like magic!