Better brollies

An umbrella is terrific for keeping the rain off … until you have to get into your car. By the time you have closed your brolly and placed it – soaking wet – into your vehicle, you are probably wetter than if you had just shambled your way across the parking lot without protection. What you need is a reverse umbrella. Some genius (or drowned rat) clearly saw the need in the market and got inventing. These things really work and will save your designer outfit from the dastardly droplets. Mary Poppins would approve.

Talenti is da bomb

Speaking as lifetime Häagen-Dazs fans, we really didn’t think anything would rival our favourite ice cream … until Talenti Gelato came along. We still love us some Dazs, but man, that gelato is delicious!

The Double Dark Chocolate could get anyone through the worst breakup and the Caramel Cookie Crunch puts mere cookies to shame. Best of all, the plastic jar containers are reusable. You can store everything from beads to paper clips in them. All the more reason to get through a pint as quickly as possible.


You may have noticed the sponsored ads on your social media feeds for Masterclass.com – a collection of video-based lessons taught by some of the greatest authors, artists and leaders of our time.

For US$180 a year (paid in $15 a month installments) you can get tips and tricks from people who are experts in their respective fields.

Learn about creativity and leadership from Anna Wintour, writing from Neil Gaiman, magic from Penn & Teller and acting from Natalie Portman. Simone Biles also teaches gymnastics fundamentals – just move the furniture out of the way first.

‘Star Wars’: Galaxy’s Edge

No, this is not the latest film in the multi-ology collection of ‘Star Wars’ sequels and prequels – it is the new land that opened at Disney World on 29 Aug.

Although lines will probably still be bonkers long, this is the time of year to go, when the teenagers are back in school. You can fly the Millennium Falcon in less than 12 parsecs (parsnips?) or build your own custom Lightsaber in Savi’s Workshop. We can’t wait for the Rise of the Resistance ride opening on 5 Dec!