Belt up!

What was big on the fashion runways for the season? Belts, that’s what! The bigger, the cinchier, the better!

Remember the huge elasticated belts that were all the rage wayyy back in the day?

The ones that when you sat down, they rolled vertically like a cheap pair of Spanx? Thankfully those are nowhere to be seen – yet – but wide is definitely wonderful right now. Use to add some serious waistline to a jacket or  shapeless top and reinvent your look.

Solar lights

Maybe it’s just been us, but whenever we have bought solar-powered lights we have found them to be dimidy-dim-dim when the sun goes down. It was only when we bought the Firefly lanterns that we realised how bright the world could be.

These silicone mobile lamps aren’t just for hurricane season – they have hundreds of uses all year ‘round. Can’t find the cat outside? Grab your Firefly.

Buttons allow you to choose levels of brightness and to recharge, just stick under the sun’s rays.

The Room VR

Any fan of escape room apps should be well familiar with The Room series by Fireproof Games. The visually stunning collection of puzzles has won multiple awards and each one is more complex than the next. Now, the word is out that the team behind The Room has been working on the latest generation of the game.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter, due to be launched in early 2020, will be designed to work with such systems as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. This alone is a good enough excuse to buy new tech.

‘Euphoria’-inspired makeup

Lead make-up artist on HBO’s ‘Euphoria’, Doniella Davy (‘Moonlight’, ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’), has proven that you should never discount behind-the-scenes talent.

Her iconic looks have helped define each character’s story and personality, making them the darlings of Instagram and Davy a bona fide star in her own right. From Rue’s shimmering under-eye make-up to Jules’ technicolour look, they all inspire the hottest trends right now. The series has been renewed for another season; no doubt Davy is already preparing for the challenge.