How does your garden grow?

Not everyone has the luxury of a lot of lawn space or the benefit of a green thumb. For all of these scenarios there is a simple solution: a mini-terrarium. Weren’t these things big in the 60s? Anyhoo, they are certainly making a comeback. The advantages are many. First of all, they require very little watering, so if you are the forgetful sort, they should still survive under your varying levels of care. Second of all, they are pretty and take up very little space – kinda like a Kardashian.

Put your big toe forward

An interesting trend has emerged this year in the world of footwear. The big toe (or as Seinfeld called it, the  ‘captain of the toes’) is finally getting its due. The fashion runways were lousy with prominent primary toes sticking out of sandals, wedges and other designs. Even if they didn’t taste fresh air, they were firmly separated from the remainder of the little piggies by a wedge of material. Case-in-point: Maison Margiela Tabi Boots; perfect for those keen on the trend or blessed with cloven hoofs.

Billie Eilish Tour

If you’ve not heard of singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, you must be living under a rock.

She has accomplished more before her 18th birthday than most of us manage in a lifetime, performing at sold-out stadiums and basically taking the music world by storm. She has already been touring this year, and finishes 2019 with a concert in Mexico before taking a break until 2020. Where is her first concert next year? Miami! That’s right, she will be just one-hour’s flight away on 9 March. If you want to get your tickets, buy them now at ticketmaster.com.

Day of the Dead

Someone’s demise is usually a sad and heartbreaking occasion, yet in Mexico, Día de Muertos on 2 Nov. is a day  of celebration.

Family and friends gather together to remember loved ones and support their spiritual journey. We wouldn’t say that the Pixar film ‘Coco’ should be watched as a documentary about the Day of the Dead, but it certainly covers a number of the traditions of the holiday. No doubt Casa 43, Agave Grill and Bandidos Cantina will be getting in on the festivities, so look to them for ways to celebrate.