Stay stylish in summer

Summer can be a tough balancing act between having fun and remaining fashionable. Sweat-inducing temperatures, active lifestyles and the inevitable stains that come from summer feasting can make it hard to stay looking good.

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Bring fashion back this fall

As summer starts edging to fall, it offers an excellent opportunity to put a couple of new touches to your wardrobe. From keeping up with fashion to back-to-school, there are many reason to hit the stores. Even though the idea of heading back to school after the summer holidays may not be the most fun anyone can have,

Celebrate Jamaican independence

When Jamaica celebrates its independence on 6 August, Cayman will be celebrating right along with its neighbour.   The official celebration will take place downtown as the festival closes down Cardinal Avenue for the day with all things Jamaican. There will be food and music aplenty as the people of Cayman celebrate Jamaican culture.

Hot deals – discounts

August Shopping Discounts found at:  Kirk Home Centre: Save up to 40 per cent; Cayman Shoe Shop: Every client who spends $50 or more receives a VIP Zone membership card:  Island Companies: The Last Tender, all close-out stock from Sorrelli, John Hardy, Seiko and Michelle at low, low prices...