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Dolce Vita

It is rare to experience the good life over lunch, but at Dolce Vita that is exactly what you will find. Hidden in the far corner of the West Shore Centre, it is perfect for a quick lunchtime getaway.

A taste of Home

Grand Cayman’s latest restaurant, Home, is looking to create a buzz with tapas-style food at recession-busting prices. 
Located in Treasure Island Resort on West Bay Road, the newest culinary hotspot is the brainchild of several local investors. According to Des Byrne, Home is offering something a little out of the ordinary. 

Race and relax at Reefathlon

Breaking away from it all to head out to the Eastern Districts in an attempt to escape the rat race is a popular weekend pastime in Cayman.  Yet racing is the very thing that draws cyclists out to the Reef Resort in East End for the Reefathlon – that and a great weekend getaway. 

Are you Sea Sense Savvy?

Aldo Leopold, considered to be the father of wildlife management in the United States as well as a life-long fisherman and hunter, stated that sustainable means taking resources from the environment only if it does not disturb the “integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community,”... 

Kiteboarding takes off

With no mountains to climb or rivers to raft, it might seem that Cayman has little to offer adrenaline junkies. Yet the warm waters and tropical breezes, that signify a relaxing day at the beach to some, are exactly what kiteboarders need to get their adrenaline fix. 

The Mako Shark

The captain was backing down hard on the blue marlin that was swimming away from the boat, the angler keeping the line tight, and the expectant mate was leaning over the transom reaching for the leader. The marlin was just below the surface, and in a few seconds would ...