dolphin discovery

The stingray update Census 2013

The 2013 census of the North Sound stingray population was just completed last month and the news is generally good. This animal has appeared in every single media advertisement, printed and electronic, every documentary or tourist guide ever done about the Cayman Islands for the last thirty years, and is now even on the new $50 note.


Defend Paradise: At last something is being done

2012 was a terrible year for wildlife in the Cayman Islands; the lionfish invasion continued, the Turtle Farm got a lot of bad press, our beloved stingrays were being stolen from the sandbar, the grouper spawning sites came under increasing pressure and the proposal to expand marine parks had many objectors.


Discover dolphins

Humans cannot help but be drawn to dolphins, with their intelligent eyes and faces that appear to be perpetually smiling. Dolphins appeal to us in a way that no other marine creatures do.


Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon

our run will take you along the waterfront of George Town, the capital of the Cayman Islands, into the residential area of South Sound, which boasts multi-million dollar homes and dazzling views of the ocean and then into the financial district and along the waterfront once again.