Guy Harvey’s Conservation Corner

The Great Barracuda

I was enjoying a leisurely dive with my kids Jessica and Alexander at Tarpon Alley on Grand Cayman’s north wall, composing some lovely shots of the massed bodies of tarpon, when suddenly all the tarpon tensed and moved aside.

Protecting Sharks

It is our collective responsibility to conserve the marine environment and maintain the biodiversity of the planet. Dive safely, fish responsibly. -Guy Harvey PhD.

The Kingfish

On one of my recent visits to the public fishing beach in George Town, an unusual fish on the cleaning table caught my eye.

The Blue Marlin

“Right short!” I was excited! A blue marlin was tracking the lure on the right short rigger, and then turned across the boat’s wake and charged in to eat the left short lure.

Cooperative Conservation in Cayman

“Throughout the warm waters of the western Atlantic and the Caribbean, one species of fish that stands out as the icon of the coral reef environment…the Nassau grouper.” So why are we still catching Nassau grouper if their numbers are so low?

The Blackfin Tuna

There is a small pinnacle or sea mount about a mile off the coast of Bluefields in SW Jamaica near where I grew up, spending countless days fishing and diving with my parents out of a dugout, cotton tree canoe.

Of Ships and Tigers

A few months ago I wrote an article for What’s Hot about the pros and cons of artificial reefs anticipating the deployment and sinking of the USS Kittiwake here in Grand Cayman. Due to a number of factors the sinking was delayed until 5 January , 2011.

The Nassau Grouper

We had just finished another incredible dive on the north wall of Grand Cayman, and back in the boat, my daughter Jessica, said “Dad! Did you see the number of small Nassau groupers on that dive, there were at least five or six! I don’t recall seeing that many a few years ago”.

The Spiny Lobster

Half way through my regular Sunday morning dive, I was trying to snap a beautiful Queen angelfish when I heard Jessica’s excited babbling in her regulator. My daughter had found something she wanted me to see. I paddled on over as a school of cero mackerel whizzed by,