Of Ships and Tigers

A few months ago I wrote an article for What’s Hot about the pros and cons of artificial reefs anticipating the deployment and sinking of the USS Kittiwake here in Grand Cayman. Due to a number of factors the sinking was delayed until 5 January , 2011.

The Nassau Grouper

We had just finished another incredible dive on the north wall of Grand Cayman, and back in the boat, my daughter Jessica, said “Dad! Did you see the number of small Nassau groupers on that dive, there were at least five or six! I don’t recall seeing that many a few years ago”.

Revisiting paradise

I have revisited Little Cayman every year since I first landed there in the early 70s via CAL’s DC-3. This little paradise is special - when you think about it, any place where iguanas have the right of way and there are more hammocks than guest rooms must be unique.

Have a break hit the Brac

Even though Grand Cayman is a vacation paradise for many visitors to its fair shores, those who know it as home often struggle to see the vacation destination side of the Island through their office windows. So every now and again, a quick break to a tropical island paradise may well be in order.

Summer is Staycation time

Living on a tropical island is something residents of the Cayman Islands take for granted. Yet what many view as home is a vacation paradise for visitors. Although the winter tourist season can be somewhat crowded, summer is the perfect time to experience Cayman through the eyes of a tourist.